VIDEO, PHOTOGRAPHY and GRAPHIC DESIGN for the performing arts

We allow artists to focus on creating their art while we take care of showcasing it to the world. 
Our aim is to help the creatives bridge the gap between the hard work they put in the rehearsals or studios and their dedicated or newly found audiences.  
Over the past fifteen years we had the privilege of working with a number of major arts organisations and hundreds of individual performers including:  ​​
Photography - With our imaginative approach we strive to create strong, memorable images that are visible even in this visually saturated world.  
Promotional Videos - They play important part in presenting your project,  your creative process, audience reactions or simply offering gratitude to those who support you.
Full Productions - We regularly film complete performances by major arts companies. This material is used for a variety of media content ranging from short social media clips to full length pay-per-view streams as well as company archives.
Live-Streaming - We have everything you need for your audiences to enjoy a live performance, whether from the comfort of their home around the corner or the other side of the world. Our live streams utilise the latest technology for high definition picture and sound. 
Short Film - We love being immersed in interesting projects and collaborating with other creative souls. Have an idea? Drop us a line.  
Graphic Design - Whether it's an event poster, logo or a social media promo, we have you covered. We'll make sure you want to show it to everyone.   
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